The affected users are quite high compared to what was said earlier by Adobe.

You might be aware of the recent security breach at Adobe which we reported earlier this month. The initial estimated of the affected users were said to around 3 million users but the latest reports reveal that could be much higher up to 38 million customers.

In the first week of October, a security breach was reported by Adobe Systems Inc where the internal network was compromised leading to a data theft of over 2.9 million customers accounts which included credit and debit card numbers, encrypted passwords, login data and other personal information. There were also talks of the hackers getting their hands on the source code of some the Adobe products.

However, in another revelation by investigative reporter Brian Krebs who runs the cyber security blog it appears that the earlier estimated were quite low and the number of users affected are much higher around 38 million. Brain Krebs was one of researchers who first discovered the attack on Adobe and informed the company.

The attack was initially confirmed by Adobe representative Heather Edell to Krebs. “As of now the investigation confirmed the attack which led to the theft of Adobe IDs of about 38 million customers”, said Edell.

Krebs also found the source code of Adobe Photoshop in his investigation. A file posted on was said to be the code of the Adobe software. The company has earlier suspected that source code of some of their product including the Acrobat and ColdFusion Web applications also might be stolen in the attack.

Although the company has informed all the affected users about the attacks advised them to change their login details and beware of any malicious phishing emails which may be asking about their personal data. However, this might not be enough as the stolen code might be used for future exploits in the software.


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Adobe security breach- the actual users affected climb to 38 million.
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