After you make the choice of having a particular kind of hosting for your website you might feel you are all set but wait, the work is not over, there is another task you need to perform.

When you choose a Web Hosting provider then you need to ascertain which operating system would run in your server. This is a crucial decision as the performance of your server eventually depends upon the operating system you choose.

There are various operating systems available which you can choose from. However most of the Web Hosting service providers usually offer Linux and Windows. These are the two most preferred operating systems for servers.


Linux is amongst the most preferred operating systems and it is usually so because of it being inexpensive to install and use. This is due to open source nature of the operating system, and hence no licensing fees.


Windows is another widely used operating system. IT is more preferred due to its support quality. Though Windows is bit on an expensive side it is still preferred due to its ease of use and operability.

Linux and Windows are the two most commonly used operating system and they are available easily with most of the service providers.

Another factor that differentiates the two is the access to the server. Linux and Windows both offer FTP access to the files but only Linux offers Telnet or SSD access as well.

Many users prefer Windows due to its Frontpage application as well which is not easily available on Linux.


A major factor that influences users to choose a particular OS is the security. Though people think Linux is more secure but it is not actually so. Both Linux and Windows are vulnerable. The security of any server is more dependent upon the server administration than the operating system.

Thus, even though you find certain differences between the operating systems they eventually perform the same functions and you should choose an operating system based on your requirements only. Choosing a particular type of Web hosting is totally dependent upon the kind of work you expect your server to perform.

Choosing between Linux and Windows for Web Hosting.

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