Website promotion is dependent on a lot of factors; informative content that provides the users with some value is the most important aspect of a good web presence. Establishing and maintaining a good web presence is as important as selecting an appropriate website hosting platform for your website. When you start working on the content for your website, the first question that you must ask yourself is – why would a visitor stay on my website? Content is the answer. A visitor will spend more time on your website if he/she thinks that it contains valuable information. Tell your story in a way that will hold the interest of the visitors and they will keep coming back for more.

Content is a part of the search engine optimisation process. If you have impressive content on your website, but very less incoming traffic, then who will read it? Similarly if there is a lot of incoming traffic to your website, but nothing that holds their attention, why will they stay on the website for a long time? These two concepts go hand in hand. As the search engine visibility of your website increases, there will be more visitors to your website. Provide with good quality information that is easy to access, the best possible ways to do this is by establishing a blog or a knowledge base. With a lot of happy visitors, your website will become an ‘authority’ in that particular subject and thereby the incoming traffic will increase.

Know Your Audience

This is a thumb rule while creating content. How do you make sure that the visitors come to your website and stay there? The answer is by understanding the audience. Who are you trying to reach? Create your web pages with the target audience in mind. Decide if you would like to target a niche audience or you are targeting all the people in general. Work on the keywords that are used by the people to reach website and publish content on the basis of them. Also design your website in a way that it is easy to navigate and looks impressive.

Get Visitors Involved

This is one way in which you can stand apart from the competition. For instance if you have a website that sells gardening books, and if you have published blogs on the same on your website there will be many such websites and they may also contain similar information. Therefore take feedback from the visitors in terms of what more information they would like to see on your website that will be of value to them.

Hosting is the country your website is targeting

If you’re a UK business, it is important to have your website hosted in the UK with a UK web hosting provider. Google and other search engines take into consideration the country in which your site is hosted. Google algorithm will take into greater consideration websites hosted in the UK for search results personalised for UK users on Google UK.

Content is not just limited to articles

If any of your customers have written a testimonial, publish it on your website as it will give a clear picture to your visitors in terms of the products / services offered. You can also add a rating system to your website posts and as the customers rate the posts on your website, you will know which content works well and which doesn’t.

Having valuable content on your website is the stepping-stone for your visitors to be on your website for a longer span of time. Taking time to build good content for your audience will pay off in the long run and you will reap the benefits of better keyword rankings and a better web presence.

Good Content – The Key To A Good Web Presence
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