The software company Adobe Systems Inc. reported security breach on its systems in which hackers have stolen confidential customer data.

According to the company estimate the attack is said to have affected over 2.9 million customers of Adobe globally. The infiltrators have siphoned off encrypted passwords, credit and debit card numbers of customers with order information and other personal information from the customers including login data of unknown number of Adobe user accounts.

Adobe hacking

In what is said to be a very sophisticated attack the hackers have also got hold of the source code to various popular software’s developed by Adobe which may include it Acrobat applications and ColdFusion Web applications. Although according to Adobe security officials there is no direct risk involved but the source code which is the base of any software can be misused to find potential exploits.

The credit card numbers that were stolen were encrypted and the company believes that decrypted card numbers were not stolen. However, the affected customers which include the Revel and Creative Cloud users would be notified about the breach and would be advised about resetting their passwords, said Adobe in its statement.

Adobe also said that, it has informed banks which are involved in processing payments of its customers to help protect the accounts of affected users.

The U.S customers who have been affected would have the option of complimentary credit monitoring membership for a year where available.

While the company is still investigating the attack and determining the source code of which products were accessed. Although Adobe released security updates to its ColdFusion platform a while ago there were many which run the old versions which makes them vulnerable.

The reports of attack were first discovered by Brian Krebs of and Alex Holden who discovered the Adobe code cache while probing other attacks and informed the company about the intrusion. They found the code on the same server which is said to be used for previous attacks as well.

After the recent hacking reports of Vodafone Germany it is now Adobe which has reported a security breach on its networks.

Update: The actual number of affected users are up to 38 million. Read more about it here.

Huge Security Breach reported by Adobe Systems.
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