Building an effective website is very important and you especially need to learn how to make a website that attracts customers encourages them to browse. However, building and maintaining websites is no longer a complicated process, and with time and effort you can create the ultimate website. Once the site is up and running, minimal maintenance will be needed, to produce a top quality platform for your business.

Now a good design and content have to work together for the creation of a harmonious whole. These two elements are equally important and they have the power to increase the website’s popularity. When you start planning how to make your own website, try to avoid these mistakes while designing the website.

Selection of the Wrong Fonts

Reading text on a screen is very different from reading a printed page. The eye gets tired easily. Fonts are of utmost importance. When designing a website, choose the font that will enhance readability. Use simple fonts are always the better option than the fancy ones.

Too much use of flash

Many of us wants our website to be attractive therefore end up using flash and too much use of multimedia elements would do nothing but slow down the loading of your web pages. You don’t want to make your impatient visitors wait for your site to load up simply because there is music playing automatically in the background. Limit the use of flash animations, audio files, and videos.

Too many advertisement
Websites need advertising in order to make some profit. When designing a website, you will probably feel tempted to include many ad spots on a page. This is another major mistake that you should try avoiding.Having fewer, more expensive ad spots is a better option.

Do not use flashy templates

There are several different templates that you can use, which will allow you to build the correct website for your business. The template should be straightforward to understand, and with time, you will soon discover many unique features and should be simple.

Creating a website is very important therefore taking the time to set up your website correctly is essential and will guarantee that you have the best platform to promote your business and also select a reliable web hosting company who can create web site for you

Mistakes you need to avoid while designing website

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