User’s of the ephemeral image sharing app SnapChat have been attacked using an image with spammy URL.


SnapChat user’s have been spammed with a picture of smoothie which contains a malicious URL which takes them to a weight loss supplement website.

According to TechCrunch, the users were redirected to a supplement website and it also asked users to visit a website and as of now it redirects users to a recipe of smoothies on

SnapChat said it’s in statement that, “A small number of users were affected with the attack where such images were being sent using their accounts. Our security team is working on getting the issue resolved”

Earlier, in January SnapChat was hacked affecting 4.6 million users and the attackers leaked usernames with corresponding phone numbers of the account holders in a downloadable database. Although, the details were partially distorted. The last attack was meant to bring attention of SnapChat to vulnerabilities in its app which would have been exploited.

This is the second attack on SnapChat and seems like the hot app of 2013 has not really learned from its past mistake and taken any strong measures to secure its app which is used by millions of users for sharing private images.

SnapChat has suggested that users only use strong passwords to protect their accounts from being compromised.


SnapChat hacked again: User’s attacked with Spam.
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