VPS or Virtual Private Server is a virtualized form of a server. It is very similar to a dedicated server but it is not an actual server. A Virtual Private Server is a part of server which is allocated to meet the needs of a specific user and the resources are used by that user only. A VPS is usually allotted from a physical server.

VPS is an alternative to dedicated servers as it performs all the functions of a dedicated server but comes at a very low cost compared to a dedicated server. It is also preferred as it is better than other shared hosting server as well. It is a better way to manage your websites without having to worry about the costs of hosting. You can have great site performance without the troubles that you would normally face with a shared hosting plan.

How a VPS Works?

A VPS is quite similar to a dedicated server in terms of performance and resource allocation except for the fact that the hardware is divided and used by other customers as well. This is the ideal choice for user’s who wish to have better performance and stability for their websites but do not want to burn a whole in their pockets with a dedicated server.

A VPS offers various benefits:

  1. A VPS is used by a specific user only and there are no shared services or software
  2. The usage of a VPS has no effect on the other VPS on the same server.
  3. The load or traffic on any VPS has no effect on others VPS’s.
  4. The users are free to install applications of their choice and have full control of the server.
  5. Every VPS has a separate network stack and unique IP address.
  6. Since the resources are not shared with other users, the websites have better uptimes.
  7. The servers are more secure as the resources like storage space, RAM, or operating systems are not shared and used by a specific client only.

Thus, VPS Hosting is the intermediate option for users that want to have performance like a dedicated server but don’t want to pay so much.

VPS – What is it and how it works?
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